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Traffic Safety Education Courses for Oregon Courts

Classes in:  Albany (May), Beaverton, Clackamas, Salem/Keizer, Grants Pass

Welcome to U-TURN180 Traffic Safety Education Course Management System and website for Oregon courts.  We provide a number of traffic safety "school" options based on the needs of the courts.  Every course contains specific OREGON Traffic Law analysis, an annual OREGON legislative update along with clear guidance on changes to existing traffic laws after each session.

We provide a traditional, but intense Classroom Course, an Oregon law and Oregon driving environment-focused Online Self-Paced Course.

Our Curriculum is focused on current Oregon law and is updated after each legislative session when laws that we focus on are changed or modified.       Click the "Register now" button below.

Register for our classes.  Select from our many available options and locations:  Classroom courses, or Student-Paced Online Traffic School (Court Approval Required for each course type). 



John was entertaining and well spoken, kept the class involved

L. Florea, Student, Classroom March 2014


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