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Vision Zero - No More Traffic Deaths in Portland

Nothing stops a car as quickly as a tree

It takes 3 seconds to view a text, and for a child to step into the road

U-TURN180 Delivers Classroom and Online Traffic Safety Education Courses to Oregon Drivers in Partnership with Oregon Courts, Oregon Police Agencies and Insurance Companies.



Welcome to U-TURN180, a locally owned and operated company that is dedicated to reducing traffic crashes, injury and death on Oregon’s roadways, primarily through education of Oregon drivers, developing lasting partnerships with Oregon courts, Oregon police agencies, insurance companies and many other highway safety organizations.

We have assembled a TEAM of dedicated, experienced highway safety practitioners that represent highway safety, traffic law enforcement and statewide police education and the Oregon court system.

Our team, with over 100 years of law enforcement and highway safety experience, has worked tirelessly throughout our careers trying to save lives on OREGON roadways.  Many of our team have received prestigious local, state and national awards our life-saving efforts.

To learn more about our team, continue reading or, you may check-out the About Us section of our site.

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Turning Bad Driving Choices Around

U-TURN180 really is “Where Change Begins”.  We are fully invested in ensuring you receive a quality traffic safety education.  Our families drive the same roads as yours.  We are part of your community.  We live here, we work here, we shop here and invest in local small businesses, providing jobs and help to keep our community safe and strong!

We Know Oregon Traffic Law

When’s the last time you read the Oregon Driver Manual?  Did you know that laws can change every year and the manual is reprinted with new laws and updates to existing laws that YOU are required to know and follow?  Every one of our classes includes Oregon Traffic Law Updates.

Mobile Friendly

Our online courses work on desktop computers, laptops and most major mobile devices supporting HTML5 content.

Every one of our courses, contains specific OREGON Traffic Law history and analysis, including an annual OREGON legislative analysis (For enrolled bills).  We help provide the clarity to a very complex process that is very ineffective in communicating with all Oregon drivers (and visitors to our great state).

We provide unparalleled value and education in a way that is vastly different, very effective and built around your driving on Oregon roadways.

Meet Our Team

At U-Turn 180™, LLC we specialize in providing focused traffic safety information in an intense, interactive, fact-based learning atmosphere. The goal is to turn poor driving choices around to help save lives.

The staff of U-Turn 180™, LLC has spent many years in Oregon highway safety, invested countless hours in dedicated traffic law enforcement, and managed millions of dollars in development of statewide highway safety initiatives and programs. We have developed a passion for saving lives and avoiding injuries on Oregon roadways and are committed to making a REAL difference in the lives we are able to touch through our courses. We have a professional mix of local knowledge, special skills and expertise – all in the right areas to make that difference. We care because our families and yours travel on Oregon roads, too.

From the company owners to the trainers who provide instruction, we are Oregon-based. Everyone involved with U-Turn 180™ is an Oregon traffic safety specialist and advocate. U-Turn 180™, LLC staff have over 80 years of combined traffic safety expertise. Our instructors are selected for their traffic safety passion and knowledge of Oregon traffic law and driver behavior.

Danah Vitolo is the Chief Executive Officer of U-Turn 180. Her background is primarily in court operations and administration with 12 years experience in Oregon courts, serving as Court Administrator in an Oregon Municipal Court for 10 of those years. Mrs. Vitolo has extensive knowledge of the procedures and processes of the Oregon court system. She also served as a board member of the Oregon Association of Court Administrators.

Danah Vitolo

President and Chief Executive Officer, U-TURN180

Retiring after 20 years, Mr. Vitolo was Law Enforcement and Judicial Programs Manager for the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. He was the architect of several technological innovations that help reduce fatal and injury traffic crashes on Oregon roads, receiving a prestigious National award from GHSA for his multi-year efforts. Additionally, Steve spent 10 years and thousands of hours serving his community as Deputy Sheriff (Solo Res.), retiring at the rank of Lieutenant. Steve Vitolo

Chief Information and Operations Officer, U-TURN180

Larry Christianson serves as the Chief Financial Officer for U-Turn180. As a lifelong traffic safety educator and advocate, Larry has achieved incredible, life-saving success through development of innovative programs in Oregon and abroad. He is a 21-year veteran of traffic safety program development as Roadway Safety Program manager for Oregon’s Transportation Safety Division and as a trainer and training program developer in the private sector.

Larry Christianson

Chief Financial Officer, U-TURN180

Mr. Diehl is the Chief Training Officer for U-Turn180. He is a 35-year veteran of law enforcement. He retired as a Lieutenant over the Advanced Traffic Safety Training Section for the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy, was a certified instructor in SFST, Drug Recognition Expert, Radar/Lidar and Crash Investigations. In 1999, he was selected to a 1 year assignment at NHTSA in Washington, DC.

John Diehl

Chief Training Officer, U-TURN180

Ken Snook graduated from Southern Oregon College with a degree in Criminology and began his 27-year career as a Senior Trooper with the Oregon State Police, retiring in October 2011. He was very active in Impaired Driving detection, training and enforcement. He earned several awards from the Oregon Governor’s DUII Task force, IACP National and a Lifetime Achievement Award from MADD. He has been a recognized expert in Drug/Alcohol Impaired Driving in State and Federal Courts.

Ken Snook

Instructor, U-TURN180

Michael Peterson’s career in law enforcement spans 34 years. He has been a member of the Military Police in the National Guard, Corrections Officer with the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office, Commander of the Oregon State Police Mobile Response Team, an original S.W.A.T. member, Area Commander/Lieutenant at the Salem Patrol Office. He has taught numerous enforcement related courses including Emotional Survival, Leadership, Critical Incident Awareness and Traffic Incident Management. Michael retired from the Oregon State Police after 31 years of service on November 1, 2015.

Michael Peterson

Instructor, U-TURN180

Tim spent 33 years at Newberg-Dundee police department, retiring in 2011. He specialized and was a certified instructor in many traffic-safety related areas including Radar/ Lidar, Traffic Law Enforcement, SFST and in 1995 was certified as a Drug Recognition Expert and became a certified expert witness in a number of Oregon courts.

Tim Weaver

Instructor, U-TURN180