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Traffic Safety Education Courses for Oregon Courts, Police Agencies and Insurance Companies.

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Albany, Beaverton,Clackamas, Eugene/Springfield, Grants Pass, Salem/Keizer 

Welcome to U-TURN180 Traffic Safety Education Course Management System and website for Oregon courts, police agencies, insurance companies and drivers on Oregon roadways.  We have assembled some of the best and brightest traffic safety practitioners OREGON has to offer.  Most of our team have worked their entire careers trying to save lives on OREGON roadways, many receiving prestigious state and national awards for their life-saving efforts.

U-TURN180 really is "Where Change Begins".  We work here, We drive and live here with our families so we have a vested interest in helping to ensure your success after you leave our class (whether Online or in the Classroom).

When’s the last time you read the Oregon Driver Manual?  Did you know that laws can change every year and the manual is reprinted with new laws and updates to existing laws that YOU are required to know and follow?

Every one of our courses, contains specific OREGON Traffic Law history and analysis, including an annual OREGON legislative analysis (For enrolled bills).  We help provide the clarity to a very complex process that is very ineffective in communicating with all Oregon drivers (and visitors to our great state).

We provide unparalleled value and education in a way that is vastly different, very effective and built around your driving on Oregon roadways.

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This class really put into perspective how much one bad decision can affect the big picture and put people at risk

H. Smith, Student, Classroom January 2015


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