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Course Type Descriptions

We offer 2 primary types of courses.  Both provide up-to-date analysis of primary crash causing driver errors and  Oregon traffic law change analysis, including current session legislatively enrolled traffic safety-related bills.

Classroom Courses ($50.00):  These courses are traditional in-person classroom courses held in a professional conference facility that is located in your jurisdiction.  Our content is customized from class to class based upon the primary offenses committed, e.g., speeding and red light running.

Our classes are intense, compelling and effective. Student comments, favorable or not, are provided to the courts regularly, or upon request, to ensure complete transparency and that the court is fully aware of the customer service levels and content being provided.

Online Self-Paced Course ($44.95):  Our online traffic safety education school is an automated curriculum designed by our team of Oregon traffic safety, law enforcement and traffic law experts to let students learn at their own pace.  They may log out at a certain point and log back in at a later time to continue their progress from where they left off.

A dashboard is displayed which clearly shows their progress.  Additionally, previous quiz scores, number of sessions completed and days left to completion deadline are clearly displayed.

Online Course ease-of- use: 

Designed for HTML 5 standards, the system is designed to be used cross-platform (smart phone, tablet, laptop and desktop).  It is organizationally and navigationally friendly.  The student may login 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using their email address and password from any internet connected machine anywhere in the world.

The content and focus is the same quality as U-Turn180 classroom courses.  We focus on helping students learn about the primary traffic safety issues, causing death, injury and property damage on Oregon roads.

This includes the latest traffic death and injury information available, current Oregon law and Oregon-based driving scenarios.  Our quizzes and tests are all designed to encourage maximum positive driving behavior change in addition to educational updates on key Oregon traffic laws.